apache2 – 403 Error on a page, but the page is rendered.

I have a problem with my website. There was an index.html with a placeholder saying "the site will be up and running soon" and the whole website was on / beta. Now I have to delete the placeholder.

I had never had any 403 errors before, but now my website only gives me 403 on the main page but the page is being rendered.

I do not find where the problem is because the chrome development tools bring me to the beginner of the file. I do not have this problem when I am on localhost.

Here is how the network looks (there is no other file with status 403):
enter the description of the image here

My website is: https://turismo.ouropreto.mg.gov.br/

I am really new to this field and very confused. Can any one help me find where the problem lies?