Aperture – How to create a bokeh or macro on an E-M10 Mark II with a black EZ lens from 14 to 42 mm

So I got the E-M10 Mark II with a black EZ f3.5-5.6 EZ lens of 14 to 42 mm.

I do not know much about photography, well, in fact, almost nothing and I'm wondering about the following –

Is it possible to create beautiful bokeh and macro photos with this configuration?
I have tried to take many pictures (mostly on auto) but I have never had any bokeh and unfortunately it has never been able to properly focus on the items wholesale. plan. Even the macro does not fit, it just refuses to focus on close objects. I do not know why, I got much better results with my old iPhone 6.
I am very disappointed to have spent $ 600 and I still use my iPhone.

is it just misconfigured or do I have to do a "magic trick" to get bokeh and macros from this lens and this camera?

If it is possible, how can I do it? Sorry I am complete noob

Thank you