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It automatically produces large transparent maps from multiple input files (MapTiler Pro) and directly optimizes produced tiles for a minimum file size, allowing for extremely fast distribution of maps from one location to another. Ordinary web server or cloud CDN (Rackspace Cloud files, Apache, PHP, Linux, etc.). DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 / CloudFront, Google Cloud Storage).
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Easy to use

Transform images into interactive map layers that can be displayed on websites, used in mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, map mashups, or open in desktop GIS software, Google Maps, or Google Earth. A step-by-step interface will make your job easier.

Assign a place
If your card already contains a computer-readable location, it is automatically loaded. Otherwise, images, scanned maps or maps created by designers can be positioned with a set of coordinates or even visually. It's fast and accurate.

Hosting cards anywhere
Use the included cloud download program for Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, or simply drag the MapTiler-generated folder to standard web hosting. You can use the existing company's web server or free hosting, such as Google Drive or DropBox.

Ready for the web and mobile
The generated map mosaics are provided with ready-to-use open source viewers, optimized by Leaflet, OpenLayers, Google Maps API, WebGL Earth, OL3-Cesium, MapBox JS or ArcGIS API for JavaScript. You can simply add markers or other necessary functionality to your web applications. MapTiler automatically produces the map format that is natural for mobile application developers. With our application templates, it's easy to create your own mobile application displaying the markers and GPS position at the top of the maps, even offline.

What's up:
Updates: The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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