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Toolchefs Atoms Crowd 2.8.0 for Houdini / Katana / Maya (Win / Linux) | 1.04 GB (total)
Atoms Crowd makes crowd animation accessible to all. You do not need any special skills to organize your shots and simulate them. You do not believe it, do you? Wait and watch!

Abstract skeletons

Atoms Crowd supports characters with any number of legs!

There is no difference between two, four, eight, twelve legs! Atoms will simulate any type of skeleton!


Full control over each entity of the simulation!

Different users can benefit from their skills.
Do you like playing with the knots?
Do you write with Python?
Can you write C ++ plug-ins?
If the answer is yes, you can unlock a whole new world in Atoms Crowd.

Hybrid workflow

Atoms Crowd supports multiple software and each integration shares the same workflow!

You can watch and prepare your agents in Maya, simulate Houdini and return to Maya for rendering. Or do the opposite. Or use only one software. It's up to you to decide!

Platform required
– Microsoft Windows
Supported video card
– Any NVidia video card. You can get the following error depending on your drivers. In this case, set the ATOMS_GLSL_DISABLE_LIGHTS environment variable (defined in your Maya module) to 1.
0 (490): C5208 Error: The sampler must be uniform (global or hand-held), must have a built-in function, or resolve a conditional expression
– AMD video cards display only agents in skeleton and proxy mode.
3D plans supported
– Maya 2015 (windows only), 2016, 2016.5, 2017 (64 bit)
– Houdini 15, 16
Render engines
– Arnold 4.x
– Renderman 20.x, 21.x
– V-Ray 3.5x, 3.6x

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