applications – does not work, generic icon

I updated Mojave version 10.14.4 last night and when I got back to work, my has a generic icon and does not open. Execution of the binary from the terminal gives me the following information

Mar 28 14:01:11 MBP Books[2597]: objc[2597]: The bb74bdd798ceadff5c1f0c2b class is implemented in /Applications/ (0x10ed0d768) and /Applications/Books.application One of two will be used. Which is not defined.
March 28 14:01:11 MBP[1] ( unknown key for the integer: _DirtyJetsamMemoryLimit
March 28 14:01:12 MBP[1] ([2597]): Service stopped with abnormal code: 1
March 28 14:02:35 MBP Self Service[2602]: USE DEPRECATED in the libdispatch client: the dispatch source is activated without a defined event handler; set a stop point on _dispatch_bug_deprecated to debug

I tried to delete the plists, containers and caches and saved the application states for the application. I've also run first aid on disk and SIP is enabled.
This is not really serious, I just try to find the solution in case one of our users would encounter this problem.

This is also the only app on my machine that does not have the "Everyone (custom)" ACL permission.

permission error