applications – Change the image of WhatsApp contacts

I have a photo linked to my friend's number, saved in my phone's contacts. This image was initially configured by default on his Whatsapp account (which are linked) because he does not have a set of Whatsapp photos.

One day, it suddenly disappeared and I can not understand how to put it back in place.

I found a previous thread (Passionate about Android: How to change the profile picture of a person in WhatsApp?), But I get an error message following the solution .

In summary, it says to rename the photo to his phone number, then save this image file to the following location: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Profile picturesreplacing the existing file.

First of all I do not have this place on my phone. Instead, I have the following location: InternalStorage / Media / WhatsApp Profile Photos.

Second, there is no file in this folder.

Third, when I put this new file in this location, nothing happens.

Any help would be very appreciated! 🙂