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Start: 2019-04-08



Arbitrage people was launched early 2016 in the United Kingdom. We left only two enthusiasts of cryptocurrency, then quickly expanded. After spending more than 2 years successfully trading online. We had our first step online, and then the company began the next phase of its expansion. Arbitrage people LTD was created to legally open this investment platform to individual investors in 318 2018.

The arbitration people manages an arbitration pool; collect investments, perform cryptocurrency arbitrage transactions. Arbitrage people LTD does not perform any other form of exchange, it does not reinvest or hold capital in any other investment pool. Our trading team is made up of 7 senior traders based in a few different countries.

Modern trading has become very dynamic and that is why we are proud to be a dedicated team with years of experience as affiliates, promoters and clients, and for all of them the best trading opportunities on the market today.

Investment plans

(1) 50-999 dollars, 50% net profit at 30 days and return of capital

(2) $ 1000-4999, 60% net profit in 45 days and principal repayment

(3) $ 5000-24999, 75% net profit in 60 days and principal repayment

(4) 25000-250000 dollars, net profit of 90% in 120 days and return of the capital

Payment options: Bitcoin

Type of withdrawal: Manual

Reference commissions: 8% -4% -2% -1%