Are the Liberals just jealous of the fact that Donald is making real progress in North Korea while they were making fun of Obama and making the rounds of it?

Do not fool yourself for a moment: the NK government is not "mocking and walking" everywhere. They are probably astonished at the stupidity and credulity of this man and play Trump's bizarre obsession with people like Kim, Putin and Erdoğan. They probably see someone easily corrupted, compromised and use it for the pathetic disposable tool that it is. I know that you and your collection of Trump followers are so desperate that your beloved leader is the man that he claims to be, that you will do everything you can to make him look so … lie to support lies, striving to find her an apology as if she were a mentally handicapped child, but the rest of us see the forest for the trees. How can we not? Although Trump lies more than any other person in history, he is terribly, terribly bad … and his actions cry out for treason and betrayal. Do yourself a favor and extract yourself from worship. There is help available, you just have to want it.