Are these three Bitcoin mining apps from Google Play Store legitimate or fake?

There are three applications that look alike. They allow you both to increase their operating speed by buying their bundle, but only with the bitcoin that you got from bitcoin exploitation, so you do not need to buy a bundle with your bitcoin from the address of the bitcoin wallet. Opinions are confused. From good review to bad review. Some youtuber have already reviewed the Bitcoin mining app but have never shown any payment. You say it's a scam. Does someone remove bitcoin from these apps? Please, if you remove bitcoin from any of these applications, show the proof.

Cloud Bitcoin Miner – Bitcoin Remote Mining

Bitcoin Remote Miner – Remote BTC Mine

Bitcoin remote server – Get free BTC

YouTube review of the Bitcoin mining application from the Google Play Store link.

Review of Bitcoin Miner Server by Kira Kage YouTube Channel

SERVER BITCOIN MINER & CLOUD BITCOIN MINING – Receive daily BTC payment on APPHUSTLE -TV on YouTube channel

Bitcoin Miner Server Totally Fake App Forms YouTube Onhax Pk Channel. I do not know which app he or she is talking about