Are two applications named Windows on my Startup tab in my Task Manager malware?

On the Windows 10 machine: I have two applications named Windows on my Task Manager start page and they are enabled to boot at startup. Can any one identify it whether it is a malware or not? Or maybe, can anyone check his Task Manager> Startup to check if he also has 2 "Windows" programs that want to get started automatically at startup?

I suspect it's a malware because I do not remember seeing it before. But I think twice before disabling it because they are really part of Windows and not malware. Also, I do not know if she's not here before because I rarely get to that part of the task manager.

I think these are malicious programs, as in the editor, no "Microsoft Corporation" is written unlike other Microsoft programs. Moreover, no Windows icon is written and I think they are gifts.

Image of my start page