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Hello ,

Here, I think you all know more or less that the 26/11 will be the next vote, it seems to me that this article of law, if I've understood everything,
it's going to be a big issue on the web,

I may not have understood everything and I can not find anyone who can clearly explain the issues, but I told myself that here certainly, politely and courteously, we would come to speak
and to discuss it no?

I would like to know clearly what will happen to the guests?

is it worth hosting more files?
does it still use web hosts such as:
– Uptobox and company?
Uptobox: server location: United States of America

or to use lifting devices a little more expensive and out of France?
like those who have their server in: Romania.

or is it useless?

I think I have said everything and I have not forgotten anything,

I thank in advance those who will try to inform me.