Asia Pension Society. APS -2.

This week, dozens of letters have been received from ** BANKING DEPARTMENT **.

"… ladies and gentlemen, dear future bank account holder.

Since December 10, 2017, we have started sending all necessary documents to our members.
Asia Pension Society. Due to the large number of participants, the delay was greater than 6 weeks.

We have now reached the line of arrival of payments.
Please do not reply to this email, so it only works for sending to APS members.

In the APS-3 program, which we will launch in February 2018, you will be able to purchase contracts on amounts received from APS-2.

The cost of a contract will be 3,250 USD.
For a member, you can not buy more than 5 contracts.

The payment for each contract amounts to 350 000 USD.

For APS-3, the opening of a bank account will be FREE. Unfortunately, for the members of APS-2, we could not agree on the opening of a FREE bank account.

Bank Indonesia has requested a standard payment for the opening of the bank account – 420 USD.

BTC 0.025


In the payment slip, indicate your name, first name. After receiving your payment, the Bank will send the necessary documents for signature. The courier will be delivered to your address within 4-5 days.

IPB image

A big thank you for your understanding,



I paid 2 days ago, I will wait for the documents to be delivered by mail.