web api – Recover a value from a web api with cypress

I'm doing tests with cypress to the following method of a Web API.

        public Test Response Authenticate (Test test)
Answer test Answer test Answer test = new answer test ();
testResponse.value = "failure";

// TODO: Validate the identification information Properly, this code is only for the demo !!
bool isCredentialValid = (test.cadena1 == "123456");
if (isCredentialValid)
testResponse.value = test.chain2;

return test Answer;

The return class is

Public class TestAnswer
public channel value;

The question is, what should I do in cypress the following call:

cy.request ({
method: "POST",
url: http: // localhost: 93 / swagger / ui / index #! / Test / Test_Authenticate & # 39 ;,
body: {
"string1": "123456",
"string2": "worked"
}). then ((response) => {
// we see you have the answer
// The weather
cy.log (response.duration)
cy.log (status.response)


I've noticed that neither the answer, nor the body, appear anything that refers to "value" nor does the string "work".

the Web API works fine (I put it back to work if I pass a normal http call)

Can you give me a hand, please?

thank you so much