Attack? Network protection against DDoS attacks by expert engineers in DDoS attack protection


Sharktech is a secure cyberspace provider with a unique technology for protecting against DDoS attacks online and in the cloud. Sharktech's DDoS protection comes standard with all hosted services (up to 50 Gbps and upgradable to 500 Gbps) and can be applied remotely to protect any Internet service.

DDOS attacks are a problem

As the number of violations increased, security solutions were falling behind and companies were unable to reconcile the needs of their business with increasing risk. More specifically, the impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has grown and is more difficult to ignore.

  1. Never enough
    Although protection against DDoS attacks is gaining importance in the light of increasing attacks and damage, existing approaches are insufficient.
  2. Too expensive
    Organizations are spending increasing funds for additional security solutions, while operational costs are adding to the burden.
  3. Business is suffering
    Risk management and security control prevent the adoption of new technologies and prevent workers from engaging in a networked world.

Sharktech: DDoS protection, solved

Sharktech stops DDoS attacks, with predictable and uniform pricing, regardless of the size and duration of the attack. All attack traffic that directly impacts your network infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech's global network of Anycast data centers.

  • No software required
  • No material required
  • Unsurpassed solution

Remote network DDoS protection

Here's how it works: All DDoS attack traffic that directly impacts your infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech distributed DDoS filtering globally.

  1. After the announcement by BGP, all or part of the traffic – always or at the time of an attack – is called by the Sharktech cleaning cloud.
  2. Sharktech Cleaning Centers clean up your traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to reach your infrastructure.
  3. The cleaned traffic is sent to you via GRE high speed tunnels.
  4. The final response returned to your legitimate visitor from your network.