attacks – Is it possible to setup a really independent internet service?

With the recent news in mind where plenty of people and organisations have been “deplatformed”, not just Donald Trump and Parler, but even less controversial sources like Ron Paul (although in his case Facebook claim it was a “mistake”) and a common counter-argument against complaints about these cancelled services (especially since the victims in most cases are free market advocates) has been “start your own service” I wonder if it even is possible/realistical to do that, even if you have a lot of money behind you, on the “open” internet or do you have to use TOR, Freenet or similar?

That is, can you “self provide”, all the way down to where the legal system’s “everything that is not specifically illegal is legal”-principle kicks in, all the necessary services a major web site requires? In other words, so that you don’t have any service providers

I am thinking of, but not limited to:

  • Network connection. Even if you don’t use AWS or similar, you usually buy a network connection from a network operator. And that network operator might buy its connection from a telecom company. In this case you would need to have your own wire all the way to a router that is connected to internet. How do you avoid that that router owner just don’t cut your cord?

  • Domain name. I think I have heard of cases where domain name have been revoked due to breaking the ToS of the registrar.

  • CA. Of course, you can run your site without SSL but that probably won’t fly. You want SSL but what if the CA cancels your root certificate for political reasons?

  • Payment. Companies need bank accounts.

  • Distributed load balancing/CDN. Mostly reiterates the first point regarding network connection but is so important for a major service that I think it deserves to be mentioned specifically.

I think electricity can be ignored. As far as I know no one has ever been denied electricity for political reasons. Hardware might be relevant. If big resellers of hardware refuses to sell you 100 000 servers, or however many you need for your operation, with some effort you can probably scavenge them on the open market from a large number of smaller sources.

Did I miss something? Otherwise I think the main points are the network connection and DNS. Can software be a problem? Most of it is available as open source but especially the US applies some bans on certain usages, don’t they?

One exception where it is impossible (?) to selfhost is iOS-clients.

Not sure if this is the correct SE-site (If not, could an admin please move this question to where it belongs?) but I think that “politically motivated pressure/attacks” on a service and its subcontractors is a kind of DOS-attack, that is why it asked here.