Attempt to replicate "undefined options" in customer data: 90

We are sporadically confronted with the following problem when it is on / checkout / cart /. As a result, clicking on "Checkout" does not work.

We think that the procedure does not work because the following javascript error has been logged:

enter the description of the image here

The problem was reproducible on two computers, even after reloading the entire page. But now is not anymore.

I took a look at the code of the 90 line

                getFromServer: function (sectionNames, forceNewSectionTimestamp) {
var parameters;

sectionNames = sectionConfig.filterClientSideSections (sectionNames);
parameters = _.isArray (sectionNames)? {
sections: sectionNames.join (& # 39;)
} [];
settings['force_new_section_timestamp'] = forceNewSectionTimestamp;

/ ** Line 90 ** / return $ .getJSON (options.sectionLoadUrl, parameters) .fail (function (jqXHR) {
throw a new error (jqXHR);

So, obviously, the options are not loaded in one way or another – but they are in the constructor, so how can that be?

Happy for any help.