audio – Bluetooth headset sound crackling in hands-free mode on Windows 10

I bought Bluetooth headset (Philips SHB3075) which I paired with my laptop (OS: Windows 10) but I’ve got a problem with sound quality.
The headset can work in two modes: Stereo and Hands-free. In Stereo mode quality of sound is good but I can’t use microphone. In Hands-free mode the sound is crackling so much that I can’t understand what other people saying when e.g. I have a Skype call. But in this mode I can use microphone.

How can I “repair” sound quality in Hands-free mode to have sound not crackling?
For listening music I can use Stereo mode but I also need working Hands-free mode to have possibility to use microphone.
On smartphone this issue not appears.

I would be grateful for help.