audio – Looking for a free and friendly sound recorder

Good morning

I want to record some audio (a song) from Youtube and this turns out to be more difficult than I thought. My operating system is Windows. If I have just used the Sound Recorder application that came with the computer, it records from the speakers of the computer using the microphone of the computer. and the sound quality is rather mediocre, like a tin can. If searched for stream rippers on the web and they are all owners; at best, you get a free trial period. I like free open source stuff. Third option, which, in my opinion, would be really better because it will be simpler to use and more versatile is a sound recorder that records from the analog output of the sound card, but before it goes through the speakers. Does anyone know of a good, free:

A. Ripper of course of water and / or

B. Sound recorder recording the analog signal of the sound card, not the microphone.


Long live the GNU,
Gab Far