australia – Returning to Vic (Aus) – officials at airport said we needed to get covid tests, airport denies all knowledge. Scam?

So I just got back into Victoria (Avalon airport) yesterday, after a holiday in Queensland (Gold Coast – did not visit Brisbane). When we were in the Gold Coast, we were texted by the government and told to get tested and self-isolate, which we did.

At Avalon, we had to queue to get out of the airport, in a tiny room (so no social distancing), had our ID (so drivers licences), addresses etc taken and told we had to get tested and self-isolate. Some people were told within 72 hours, some (including us) 24. We arrived just before 6pm, before the new traffic light permit system was introduced to enter Victoria.

We have since gotten these permits, which say we should be able to enter Vic from Qld with no issues whatsoever.

The handling was extremely shoddy – it was a small room and as such no social distancing could happen. The lady serving us at the desk when we got to the end of the queue, asking all the questions about where we’d been, wasn’t even wearing her mask properly, and photos of ID and details taken were recorded on what appeared to be their own personal phones. As the room is so small and has little facilities, my wife even had to breastfeed our infant son on the floor. When we asked what had happened (since we could find no record of new restrictions other than the traffic light permit system anywhere on the internet), the staff just said “things had changed while we were in transit”. Nobody could provide anything conclusive.

Since then I’ve called the airport administration, who say they’ve got no record of anything like this happening. It was either done without consultation by the government (and again, we can’t find anything about this anywhere), or the airline in question (JetStar). However, with how unofficial it all seemed, I am beginning to wonder if it was a scam in order to get identity details (since when we were in Queensland they texted us, using details from the flight manifest). When calling the covid hotline, they also had no knowledge of this.

Has this been a scam, or has anyone else seen this?