authentication – Authentication on SharePoint from fiddler / postman fails with 401

I'm trying to follow the advice of many articles, including one from Fabian Williams, on how to ask questions to Fiddler or Postman, but I continue to receive 401 unauthorized queries. I have SharePoint on Prem 2016, with Feature Pack 2.

I'm trying to make a publication request, to a URL that looks like this:

http: // devserver / sites / hr / _api / contextinfo

in Postman, I added the authorization as a basic authorization, along with my username and password, which added the header of Permission for me, and Accept: application / json; odata = verbose;

When I try to apply, I get 401 unauthorized.

Here is what my request looks like in Postman:

enter the description of the image here

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.