authentication – For enhanced password protection, what do you think about a system like this?

I am a Sr. Software Developer. Three years ago, I watched a PBS TV show called "Rise of the Hackers", in which it was about the Internet vulnerability and declared that the traditional password was a weak link in cybersecurity. That inspired me to do something to solve this problem, so I came up with a solution called GATE: Graphic Access Tabular Entry.

GATE is an interception-resistant user authentication system, which means that even if someone intercepts you / sees you when you log in [assume that he sees / save all the details of your authentication], he will still not know what your password is. infos, demos and videos on my website:

GATE can use short and easy-to-remember access codes to prevent stealth, keylogging, phishing and dictionary attacks.

The GATE system can be used for: access through the door, a safe, a computer, a mobile phone, an internet connection, an ATM machine, an weapons system, facilities [infrastructure] …

Here is some information about password issues:

Anyone interested can try the GATE code system:

Live demonstration site 1: [saved data]

Live demonstration site 2: [data deleted during the night]

Do not hesitate to share the above information with anyone who could benefit from it.

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds:

Pirated passwords are responsible for 81% of data breaches:

The average total cost of a data breach is $ 3.92 million:

In the past year, GATE has won 5 international cyber security awards.
I wonder what you think of this innovation. All comments are welcomed.

Thank you.


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