Authentication – The extracted LM hashes do not match the current password

I am new to LM Hashing and Windows Authentication and have problems with LM hashes.

I have created 2 accounts with the password "123", and both have different hashes and no hashes correspond to an online LM calculator.

aaa: 1005: C4EE3658F332B6C7FF1D33F62B106E84: 4CF3088135D600E4911B98627744ED4F :::

abc: 1006: 4101BCC1A99F2B15F1E6855C0C6E105C: 5FFFE78ED912250FCCBBFBCB9D685288 :::

These are the pwdump7 hashes that I have, the same passwords, different hashes.
Are the hashes salty or something like that?