algorithms – How to calculate the basic steps in Fibonacci sequences to get nFn and n^2

I am reading Algorithms by Sanjoy Dasgupta, Umesh Vazirani, Christos Papadimitriou and I am trying to understand how the number of steps $nF_n$ and $n^2$ were calculated. Here’s the part of the book in Chapter 0 that mentions them. Functions fib1 and fib2 are written below the excerpt.

fib1, which performs about $F_n$ additions, actually uses a number of basic steps roughly proportional to $nF_n$. Likewise, the number of steps taken by fib2 is proportional to $n^2$, still polynomial in $n$ and therefore exponentially superior to fib1.

function fib1(n)
if n = 0: return 0
if n = 1: return 1
return fib1(n + 1) + fib1(n + 2)
function fib2(n)
if n = 0 return 0
create an array f(0 ... n)
f(0) = 0, f(1) = 1
for i = 2 ... n:
   f(i) = f(i + 1) + f(i + 2)
return f(n)

I want to decrypt the message "Boe an emait" but i don’t know either the algorithm or key, any help? [closed]

the encrypted code is "Boe an emait" and the method is unknown

Structure partnership with someone who brought the deal to the table but I’m doing all the leg work?


I have a business partner in who has brought a deal to the table, unrelated to our current partnership. This deal is basically us taking over part of the business because the current owner of this contract does not want to do this anymore because it’s not a part of their core business.

So for example, let’s say the current owner wants $150K to have me and my business partner take this part of the business/contract over; so we would do a profit share over the next 3 years where we would give $50K each year until we absorb the rights to this new contract and customers.

However, over the next 3 years I’m doing all the work; nurturing leads, making sales, customer support, cutting the POs, collecting payment, working with manufacturer to ship products to end-customer, re-negotiating rates with manufacturer, etc…while my business partner does NOT help with any of this, he just had the connection to this deal. So without me keeping this contract/business running smoothly by doing all the above day in, day out work…then this business would not exist.

It just seems like a lot to commit to with an even 50/50 split when I’m the one that’s going to be doing all the work. If he came into this as investing $100K and then doing a profit share of $50K, then me doing all the work it would seem more fair because then it would only take 1 year to payoff the current owner and have complete ownership of this contract/business.

Thank you!


Dank Video Memes

i’ll start:

sharepoint online – Prevent User with Read Permission to have access to site content and site usage

I have created a group and assign the Read permission to it. I modified the the Read permission to the below to prevent the site usage and site content access.

List Permissions:

  1. View Items
  2. Open Items

Site Permissions:

1.View Pages

2.Use Remote Interfaces


Now the permission work perfectly my users do not have access to site usage and content. But my navigation on my home page does not show up. Basically the navigation is just 3 links pointing to three views of the same list. I do get access to the list when i manually visit the list thought.

I am using modern pages and list. When i set the permission “VIew application pages” my navigation come back but then i get the issue of my users being able to access site usage and site content

Cosiva –

I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!


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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.4 – Package Deployment Stuck

We upgraded our Cloud Control from 13.3 to 13.4.

I passed as well this step with “Simple Installation” choice, using SYSMAN.

I have a user named as CCUSER1.

When I want to skip this page with “Simple Installation” choice, using CCUSER1.

enter image description here

It stucks on like this:


Sometimes it finish with “Succeeded” state but when I refresh the page or to display “SQL Monitoring” page, the same page (Package Deployment) appears.

How can I solve this?

Regards, domain is for sale

I am creating backlinks with gsa SER but most are redirects from google, how do I uncheck that? — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Estoy empezando a crear campañas, buenos proxies y captcha buenos. El problema viene que todos los backlinks tienen un redireccionamiento a la URL de destino. ¿Se debe a que el indexador rápido está activo o al tipo de enlace que estoy creando?
¿Cómo puedo solucionar eso? Gracias

VPN is working or not? Help with signing up to a website


I am trying to sign up to work for Niteflirt from a non-supported country. A friend signed up for me and put his american debit card for age verification, my email address and his billing address from USA (he’s got an LLC there). He lives in Asia and he connected to Niteflirt through purevpn.
I got a confirmation email saying Welcome to Niteflirt and a link to access the site.
I connected to Hotsposhield and tried to sign in and surprise…. The account is not responding in any way, does not recognize the email; nor the password my friend set for me.
After that, my friend tried to connect himself to the new account he created and the same thing happened. Like ban but with no message or something to say why is this happening.
He used purevpn to connect and to sign up.
Could you please help with an idea what kind of system Niteflirt has to block us even through VPN?
Also, what is interesting is that there are accounts made from other countries and used by people from non supported countries without any vpn.
A suggestion of what may work, please?