internationalization – Collect a phone number in the form of multiple fields rather than just one

My team is discussing changing the way we collect phone numbers. Currently, we have only one entry to collect the phone number. However, as we have an international market, the team plans to split this phone number into parts to better manage users from different countries.

The platform is a booking site. This change may be useful when an employer reserves an employee in another country. The phone number of the employee may not match that entered by the employer in the country.

We are looking for the best way to handle such cases and try to make it intuitive for the user. Could this be a useful way to minimize errors and ensure accuracy?

Pathfinder 1e – Does Golarion's shadow plan have good creatures?

Paizo goes out of her way to say that being next to the positive energy plan does not make you good, nor are you close to the negative energy plan. Heck, they even list the shadow plan as a slightly neutral alignment. But I've spent days browsing Pathfinder bestiaries and I've found a group of indigenous evil breeds or frequent visitors, many evil living dead, a couple of neutral races (Shae), a few creatures with non-aligned animal intelligence (Gloomwings) and two players. races (Wayang and Fetchling) that can technically be any alignment … but not good real races.

Do good breeds live or frequent the shadow plan on Golarion?

Where does Homebrew store its list of installed packages?

I ended up with this problem:

The recommended solution was to uninstall and then reinstall Homebrew. That's what I did … but I did not do "brew list" before checking which packages I had installed. Oops.

I have a Time Machine backup of my Mac. So I thought to connect the drive then, using the terminal, access the backup volume, then the directory / file used by Homebrew to keep its database of installed packages.

What directory should it be?

Why has Trump not been seen since his admission to the hospital for a "partial physical treatment at the beginning" that could have been done at the White House?

According to a guy with contacts in the VA (the VA directs Walter Reed), Trump was suffering from "chest discomfort". This statement is as yet unsubstantiated, but it makes more sense than Trump's assertion of "early physics at beginning. "

When the heart muscle cells die, they release specific proteins and cardiac enzymes (usually troponin) into the bloodstream. There is a threshold that fits the medical definition of heart attack. If a patient is close to the threshold, he is usually hospitalized for a while for observation.

Mobile Onboarding – User Experience Stack Exchange

I'm using a slider as the introduction screen for an integration feed in a mobile application. The slider represents the content related to the integration, while the "Next" button allows you to access a new full screen in the integration stream. Does the use of a next button and a pagination of points potentially confusing for the users?

enter the description of the image here

spells – How to use a somatic component while holding a two-handed weapon?

The Storm weapon spell has a somatic component1 (CRB p384):

(…) This damage has the same type as the weapon and uses the same size of matrix. Determine the size of the die as if you were attacking with the weapon; for example, if you carried a two-handed weapon in both handsyou would use his two-handed dice.

A weapon with the two hands This property can be used with both hands, but it is not mandatory.
How to use a somatic component while holding a two-handed weapon?

Is it possible with any sort?

1) And verbal, but it does not matter now. – New VPS SSD plan on sale! 1GB and 3GB packages, out of New York!

StrongHosting will reappear here with a new sale including a new VPS plan. They offer their VPS services based on SSD from their data center in New York.

You can find their ToS / Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Alipay, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as available payment methods from which you can choose.

Here is what they had to say:

"StrongHosting.NET is a web hosting provider founded by a group of web developers / coders and has begun to solve a major problem we have seen in the hosting industry: transparency, affordability and user-friendly service. It has been started to fill this missing quality in the lodging market. We use leading infrastructure and technology in certified data centers, coupled with a team of 24×7 always available and experienced employees, to provide a seamless hosting experience for our customers. StrongHosting is different from the others, it is that we put ourselves in your place and, frankly, we understood it. Every decision we make within the company – we wonder how our customers could benefit first and we put you in your place.

Today, we have a solid platform in place and currently serve thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We look forward to working with you and take advantage of these limited time promotions created exclusively for the LowEndBox community! "

Here are the offers:


  • 1 processor core
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 20GB of SSD storage
  • 2000 GB monthly transfer
  • 100 Mbps port
  • Any Linux operating system
  • SolusVM / OpenVZ Control Panel
  • Full access to the root console
  • $ 50 / year
  • (ORDER)


  • 2 processor cores
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 35GB SSD storage
  • 4000 GB of monthly transfer
  • 100 Mbps port
  • Any Linux operating system
  • SolusVM / OpenVZ Control Panel
  • Full access to the root console
  • $ 80 / year
  • (ORDER)


New York (BUF), USA – ColoCrossing

IPv4 test:

Test file:

Minimum requirements of the host node:

– Intel Xeon E3-1240v2

– 32 GB of RAM

– 4 x 2 TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro

– RAID10 Hardware – LSI 9361-4i

– 1Gbps network uplinks

Please let us know if you have questions / comments and enjoy!

front end – List of coordinates at the position of the mouse

I have the following picture

enter the description of the image here

I want to semi-automate the process of collecting coordinates for all vertices. What I think is to place my cursor on each node and add the coordinates to a list.

ClickPane[img, AppendTo[x,#]&]

This is not ideal because it is not at all reactive. It would be nice to draw each time a small circle on the point of the image and to keep perhaps a different color for the most recent one. Also an action that ends the ClickPane would be ideal.

I have little experience with start-of-line functions in mathematica, so any help would be very helpful.

Transactions – Is Segwit Really Safe and Reduced?

In Segwit rules, transactions propagated to the legacy node do not have a signature. it will therefore be valid both in terms of a new node (supporting Segwit).

First question:

At this point, if Bob performs a fraud transaction with Segwit, the
The node will accept, but it is not accepted in terms of new node. so,
some groups (old nodes) accept, others some groups (new nodes)
do not accept. this means that the proportion of fresh knot must be
larger than the inherited node proportion. I think it's really
Critical problem, but current Bitcoin works well. we can say proportion
fresh knot is larger than inherited groups, but how was it done?
when Segwit appeared, at that moment the proportion of fresh knot is
perhaps too small to go beyond inherited groups.

Last question:

The block size is physically 1MB. Regardless of the calculation rule is
"Weight" or "bytes", the size of the transaction is always the same physically.
Why some say that Segwit transaction is more compact than traditional
The signatures are not deleted, it is simply moved at the end of the transaction. As a result, the data size is the same between Segwith and the traditional protocol. Please catch where I am wrong.

Sorry for my English.

bash – Develop the PATH path with a list of directories extracted from a text file, the character & # 39; ~ & # 39; not being extended to $ HOME

The PATH is developed by a list of directories extracted from a text file;

$ cat ~/.path

as follows (the following files are in one of the BASH startup files):

declare -a BATH_ARRAY=($(cat ~/.path)) 2>/dev/null # extend path
for BATH in "${BATH_ARRAY(@)}"
case ":${PATH}:" in
  *:${BATH}:*) ;;
  *) PATH=${PATH}:$BATH && export PATH;;

Basic iteration on the array of PATH expansion entries extracted from the ~/.path file (above). Inside the ~/.local/bin (which is in the PATH) there is a bl script I am able to invoke, as follows:

$ ls -l ~/.local/bin/bl
-rwxr-xr-x 1 romeo romeo 6304 Nov 17 09:06 /home/romeo/.local/bin/bl*
$ bl 1 #no error!

However, some side effects have been briefly discussed in the environment & # 39; sh & # 39; not respecting the PATH extensions, the local PATH variable of the user is not effective? question and include symptoms such as the following:

$ bl 1
$ sh -c 'bl 1'
sh: bl: command not found
$ bl 1
$ whereis bl

The consensus was that the character '& # 39; should be extended to the user's HOME before the PATH expansion. How to achieve it, while maintaining an external file as a directory source for PATH extension? Where does the problem lie with the current approach? Help very appreciated 🙂