recommended equipment – Best camera and protocol for a CNN project embedded in real time

It's a bit related to photography, so I hope it fits this forum.

I am looking to develop a CNN standalone real-time outdoor imaging application, and I cannot be interested in the myriad of camera options and their communication protocols.
The target is a Linux embedded device (such as beaglebone + edge TPU). and the main language is python. (but if it is unavoidable, I can write a c ++ driver)

I have done a number of projects with webcams with OpenCV. However, this project requires a more serious camera, with a motorized zoom and autofocus functions,
with at least 3MP and 30fps.

  1. There are many blocks of Chinese IP cameras with zoom functions.
    but they are broadcasting H.265, and I don't know how OpenCV could interact with that.
    moreover, it is not clear how to control the zoom function via python in one of them.
  2. Then there are USB2 camera blocks, they seem to be of inferior but sufficient quality, but I haven't found one with motorized zoom.
  3. Then there are the cameras & # 39; Gige & # 39; and & # 39; USB3 Vision & # 39;, they seem optimal but are prohibitively expensive ($ 500 +).

It's kind of an open question, but I haven't found a lot of information online on this topic, so I hope to find wisdom here.

So, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations on this.

combinatorial – Is there a formula for counting the number of sets in a power set that have given pairs of elements?

Consider X = P({1 2 3 4}) that is, the power set of a set of 4 numbers.

There are 4 sets containing the elements {1 2}:

{1 2 3 4}
{1 2 3}
{1 2 4}
{1 2}

There are 6 sets containing the elements {1 2} OR {1 3}:

{1 2 3 4}
{1 2 3}
{1 2 4}
{1 3 4}
{1 2}
{1 3}

Is there a formula to calculate this? Counting such sets is enough, but a way to get the sets is also nice. Thank you!

Relia Theme Homepage Articles Extract displays the extract of the current page and not the messages extracted

Help me! Spent many hours on this: using the Relia theme, for articles on the home page, the snippet displays the snippet of the current page for the three articles, not the snippets of respective articles (alias "publications").

google play store – is it possible to disable purchase authentication without the user's knowledge?

I have a Samsung tablet and I have always had the "authentication request" for purchases, as it is mainly used by my young children. We never had a problem, until this month …

We went on vacation and took the tablet, meanwhile my son was able to store $ 1,500 value of in-app purchases in a few days (when we noticed what was going on).

I was wondering Could an automatic update of the OS / Play Store have changed the setting?

My wife actually spoke to someone at Google Help Desk, and there was mention of deleting the cache? (I'm not sure, I only heard that second hand). And I couldn't find an update log of any kind?

It & # 39; sa Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), Android 8.1.0
Play Store is currently 18.4.15 (but was 18.3.13 the other day).

As I said, it seems that authentication is disabled without our completion around January 5, 2020. (All transactions prior to this were intentional)

Any authentic advice or suggestion is welcome.

Two-point OpenGL perspective view – Game Development Stack Exchange

What am I trying to achieve: A perspective with two vanishing points like this

Why I am there: I'm really bad at 3D (obviously) so I'm trying to replace the character models with 2D sprites like in Populous 3, or the quest "The Game" in Fable 3. I also want to have a top view down as in isometric games. Alas, the distortion in perspective completely kills the effect, giving sprites an asymmetrical appearance whenever they are off center.

What am I doing right now:

  gluPerspective(FOV, wndWidth / wndHeight, zNear, zFar);
  // Googling lead me to this MV matrix, alas it's not working for me
  // {
  //  1, 0, 0, 0, 
  //  0, 1, 0, 0, 
  //  0, -camY/camZ, -camZ, 0, 
  //  0, 0, 0, 1
  // }
  // camX = camY = camZ = 50
    camX, camY, camZ,
    0, 0, 0,
    0, 0, 1
  // then I draw a uniform grid -5..5 by -5..5
  // and slightly off-center wireframe box to test if they are drawn correctly

Does it work? No no.

What else I managed to google: Not much, really. I found an example that looks a bit like something I want to achieve, but they place the camera at ground level with a zero delta Z, effectively eliminating the third vanishing point. In another example, they just reduced the field of vision to an absurdly low value, making it look like a two-point perspective to some extent.

I'm afraid of missing or misunderstanding something. I also don't know if the desired output will actually look like what I want, and I won't reject it if it doesn't.

If my website ranks for bad words (like hacking) on ​​Google, can this affect SEO?

My website is a legal site, but since I have a message posted on some articles with phrases like "we don't publish pirate tools …", my website now ranks for them. hacking keywords ("something crack", etc.).

Should I be worried about this because Google can mark my website as a bad site and delete my ranking?

I lost my luggage at the SFO port of entry and my destination is DAL. Where should I file a real estate irregularity report?

My itinerary was
SGN at ICN with Asiana Airline
ICN at SFO with Asiana Airline
And SFO at DAL with Alaska Airline
The law was that I must collect my checked baggage from the SFO conveyor before going through customs and immigration for an analysis, then drop it off for Alaska and go home.
What happened was that all of my luggage never appeared on the SFO conveyor, so I couldn't bring it to my connecting flight to DAL. An agent told me that I should reach my destination, which is DAL, and file a report. But is it true? Or do I have to file the report immediately with the FSO?

android – java – how to take a photo of a google result in real time

I have a AutoCompleteTextView cities and I want them to write and leave the results in the following format: a photo of that city and its name. Let the name come out, I solved it but I don't have the most distant idea because I can in real time upload a photo of this city and put it next to the name.

I enclose the codes of what I did:

ArrayAdapter adapter = new ArrayAdapter<>(context, android.R.layout.select_dialog_item, Cities);


        txtInputSource.setAdapter(adapter);//setting the adapter data into the AutoCompleteTextView
        txtInputDestiny.setAdapter(adapter);//setting the adapter data into the AutoCompleteTextView 

That works well. How do I create a custom adapter like this and upload the photo?

enter description of image here

I want to get something like this. With a picture of the city.

views – Why can't I remove the% 20 from a URL evaluated by a context filter?

I created a view with context filters with taxonomy terms that have two words, so the space creates a% 20 on the URL. I discovered that the solution is to check the box "Convert spaces to dashes in URL", but that still doesn't remove the URL. Does anyone here know why? I am attaching screenshots of the view configuration and URL template that I defined with the pathauto module. Thank you!
drupal view

drupal view

drupal view

drupal image

drupal view

How to calculate the inverse sine without calculator?

I try to be able to do this on paper without the help of a calculator and I am a complete beginner. If you can, please explain in the simplest terms without excluding any calculation or detail.