Azure Managed MSOLAP OLE DB Connector

We have a managed Azure SQL instance and try to exploit it in some Azure AS documents. Azure managed support OPENROWSET which was going to be used to access the DMVs in the SSAS tabular model, but we instead get the following error:

Msg 7403, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
The OLE DB provider "MSOLAP" has not been registered.

The question then is, can the MSOLAP OLE DB provider be installed on a SQL Azure Managed database, and if so, how? Thank you!

Example of a query run on the managed instance:

FROM OPENROWSET (& # 39; MSOLAP & # 39 ;, & # 39; DATASOURCE = / server;
Initial Catalog = DataCatalog; & # 39 ;,

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Firefox marks all extensions as unsafe due to expiration of intermediate certifications

This is probably temporary because they have already applied a new certificate.

Google Docs: What does the "Share with the same people" option do when copying?

When copying a document to Google Docs from File > Make a copy …, there is an option for Share it with the same people. What does this option do? Does it share the document with the same people as the source folder or the destination folder? If the destination folder is already shared with multiple people, does it replace these permissions?

shell script – How to shorten a list of variable names in bash?

In a shell script, I have a list of variables that I ordered in the form $ a, $ b, $ c, and so on. I would like to print these variables without having to list all the variables. My current code is:

a = 1
b = 2
c = 3
d = 4
e = 5
f = 6
g = 7

for x in $ a $ b $ c $ d $ e $ f $ g
echo "$ x"

Can I shorten $ a $ b $ c $ d $ e $ f $ g into an item referring to $ a to $ g?

iis – ISAPI DLLs running from an incorrect directory

Some Web services run ISAPI DLLs on IIS 8.5 on a Win Server 2012 R2 Standard box: Classic / No Managed Code / 32-bit emulation.

The sites have been running smoothly for years on Server 2008 / IIS.75.

Recently, we migrated to the new server running 2012 / 8.5 and a site behaves very strangely:

It runs the ISAPI DLL from a different directory than the one designated – from the physical directory of another site on that server, which is completely disabled. I confirmed it conclusively in several ways. That's what happens – there is no doubt about it.

The application pool, site settings, handlers, ISAPI restrictions, and so on. are all configured correctly to point to the correct DLL – checked multiple times. applicationHost.config also displays the correct paths for the DLL to run. But it does not run – the other DLL is called instead.

The target URL is correct and the other site, where the DLL is running, is fully disabled.

I have configured several sites and I have never encountered anything like it.

What could be the cause? What did I miss?

fujifilm – Is there a problem with the fact that this camera does not have a lens cap?

A lens hood or cover is hardly needed. Minor scratches will not really affect the quality of your image (PetaPixel source).

Which lens cap Is Protect the lens during transport so you can take a picture instantly – no accidental fingerprints or dirt on the way. That being said, the lens appears to be recessed, making the accidental fingerprint infrequent. When it comes to dust, water marks, etc., it's a camera designed for travel – you do not buy it for exceptional image quality and features; you buy it for take away where you would not want to bring a digital SLR.

He will get wet, be in salt water, become dusty and probably fall several times. Clean the lens before taking the picture will become second nature for this kind of camera anyway. So, not having a lens cap is not a real loss.