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Hey! Guys want to play casino on my ipad, but still can not decide which one to choose. Board please, as so far I have not found anything worthwhile to spend time

PaidVerts – paidverts.com – GPT (Payment Paid)

Paidverts has been one of the largest and most successful Pay to Click websites in 2014.
Many people have made a lot of money by simply visiting Ads and promoting the site.
After the crisis in 2016, PaidVerts has been revived with many improvements in how it works.
and a new administration: Marc de Koning.
PaidVerts is born again!
How to make money?
You must have enough bonus ad points to be able to click on the paid ads.
Bonus Ad Points (BAPs) are the most important thing in PaidVerts and you need to understand clearly the Bonus Ad Points system to earn a good income with PaidVerts.
Bonus points (BAP) is the motto in PaidVerts.
Remember: The more bonus ad points you earn, the more paid ads you receive.
How can you earn BAP?
One way to earn BAP is to see Activation announcements.
Each person receives 8 activation ads to display daily.

C6XRqji.png "class =" ipsImage "height =" 300 "src =" https://i.imgur.com/C6XRqji.png "width =" 800
To view an activation announcement is a 3 step process:
Display of an activation announcement ==> Resolve the captcha ==> Display announcement for 5-30 seconds.
Important: In Account Data, you can edit the captcha: Solvemedia, Recaptcha, and VisualCaptcha. Select VisualCaptcha !!
Bonus Ad Points serve two purposes: Paid Ads are sent to us in exchange for the BAP we have accumulated.
The accumulated BAPs will put us in a certain BAP group.
Note: The higher this group is, the more BAP we have, the better the ads we receive.
On the first day, you will NOT receive the paid ads immediately after clicking on your activation ads.
Paid ads will arrive 18 hours after clicking on your activation ads.
Buy an AD pack
Each advertising pack (basic price $ 1) offers:
50 user visits maximum of 30 seconds each, after having copied 3 lines of text concerning your offer;
25x top banner prints 728×90 or 468×60;
100x 125×125 banner prints.
Note: Purchase volume ads at $ 1 and you'll get 2400 BAP or $ 1.2 ads ($ 2,000 BAP equivalent to $ 1 paid ads)
PaidVerts belongs to MyTrafficValue (crowdfunding platform).
You can sign in to MyTrafficValue with your Paidverts account details.
Points of achievement
Achievements help you accumulate points on which you will prove your activity and your value with PaidVerts and will be rewarded
with additional payment announcements sent to you.

ceWElTH.jpg "class =" ipsImage "height =" 300 "src =" https://i.imgur.com/ceWElTH.jpg "width =" 900
Improve the account
The upgrade will only cost $ 0.05 and you will receive $ 1 recycled ads. So, if you spend $ 0.05, you will get $ 1.
Reference Program:
You'll earn every ad purchase and every interaction they have with our advertisers.
How much will I earn?
Example: If your reference buys a $ 100 ad, you will earn an immediate cash commission of $ 10.00!
Example: If your sponsor clicks on an ad paid at $ 0.10, you will earn a cash commission of $ 0.005!
Example: If your reference buys 100 € of "Bulk Ads". You get an instant commission of $ 10.00. And your sponsorship also earns 310,000 bonus ad points. For which you will earn more than $ 7.75 more when they click on all their bonus ads!
Do I have to buy ads to sponsor friends?
Do I need an active account to earn a referral fee?
No. Your commissions will be added to your balance, whether your account is active or not. However, you will need to click on the activation ad before you can withdraw your winnings!
Can I refer? Spam?
No. You risk losing your account if you are caught abusing our sponsorship program.
Very important: Your date of birth is very important. put the real one, do not invent it and if you invented it and do not remember it, they will not pay you.

My last proof of payment:

1ZvonKj.png "class =" ipsImage "height =" 230 "src =" https://i.imgur.com/1ZvonKj.png "width =" 704
Withdrawal options:
Bitcoin: $ 1;
Litecoin: $ 1;
Perfect money: $ 1;
SolidTrustPay: $ 10;
Neteller: $ 5;
OK PAY: $ 1;
Payer: $ 1.
Register here:


Do not use any VPN service to sign up on PaidVerts, otherwise you risk being banned!
Thanks in advance. Happy earnings.

Hours Room LTD – hourscoin.com – HYIPs

Start 2018-11-22. PerfectMoney verified, 0 point (s) of confidence, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Languages: EN


The description:

Hours Coin LTD is a private organization with legitimate restrictions, established in 2018 in London (United Kingdom). In addition, it has been transformed into an open organization giving everyone access to the monetary items offered by Hours Coin LTD. The venture capital limit set by experts working with the company was the primary goal of the change. As Hours Coin LTD has demonstrated outstanding performance and has fundamentally expanded its benefits over the past period, it has been chosen to begin offering its risk products through some online jurisdictions.

Investment plans:

0.08-3% hourly forever

Plan 1 $ 1.00 – $ 3000.00 0.08

Plan $ 2,300.00 – $ 8000.00 1.00

Plan $ 3 8001.00 – $ 100000.00 3.00

Our deposit:

22.11.18 16:38 Transfer Sent Payment: USD 60.00 on U1894xxx account U18467860. Lot: 236931121. Note: Payment in the cart. Drop on Allhyips, a LTD user.


Minimum deposit: $ 1
Maximum deposit: $ 100,000
Reference commission: 4% – 0.8% – 0.3% – 0.2%
Payments: Мгновенно
Features: SSL, DDOS

Who is:


Dates 10 days
Created on 2018-11-12
Expires on 2019-11-12
Updated on 2018-11-12

Name servers
NS1.HOURSCOIN.COM (has 1 domains)
NS2.HOURSCOIN.COM (has 1 domains)

S & # 39; REGISTER

CoinReform – www.CoinReform.com – Electronic Currency Exchangers

QCashPay serves since 2013 fully automated and specialized exchanger for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashboard, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, WEX Code, EXMO Code, Perfect Money, FasaPay, Tether, Web Money, EPAY , Western Union, MoneyGram. , Bank transfer and UnionPay. The order will be completed in less than 20 minutes, automated payment method, 12 hours for semi-automatic payments and 24 hours for manual payments. QCashPay is legally registered in Hong Kong with an operational office in China. We have established relationships with various companies around the world to receive and pay payments through Western Union and Moneygram.

Webmoney (WMZ) can be redeemed from / to Western Union, Money Gram, UnionPay and Bank Wire by https://qcashpay.com

For customers who want to sell large volumes of e-money or cryptocurrency on a regular basis, we provide low rates and faster services.

Certified exchanger:
We provide an electronic money exchange service on a professional and reliable level. QCashPay.com is officially certified by:
1. https://www.perfectmoney.is
2. https://www.wmtransfer.com
3. https://www.epay.com
4. https://www.fasapay.com
5. https://www.dash.org and many other listed e-money and cryptocurrency interchanges.

User-friendly website and support:
Our websites designed with a simple interface for our customers so that they can order easily. We have designed an easy registration system. No strict registration and verification procedures are required at the beginning.

The QCashPay support team is always ready to help you and answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as to process your transactions day and night.

We have nice affiliates offered to our customers so that they can earn commissions on their invitation. We offer up to 20% commission of affiliate.

Skype: [email protected] (QCashPay.com)
Telegram: https://t.me/qcashpay
Support: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected]
Web: https://qcashpay.com


Are Python or Ruby better?

Would you say that Python or Ruby is better?

It seems that they are about equally used, but the same goes for websites (at least … Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1735386&goto = NewPost

What is shared hosting?

The hosting of personal websites is a booming business. People around the world are building websites to post valuable wedding photos, baby photos, family video clips, party invitations, personal blogs, and more. You do not have to be an expert to pull that from one or the other.

If you need reliable shared hosting in Canada, you can catch the attention of canspace.ca solutions.
They never sell an over-shared network, unlike many other hosts, so your sites will always be up and running.
They are fully powered in green.

10 second stores | Shop Builders Forum

@John Camacho The 10SS are stores that have predefined categories and some products already added to help you go in the right direction. They also include a header banner to the user until you have the opportunity to get something unique for your website.

The 10SS is currently reserved for Premium members who pay a small annual fee of $ 97 to help support the fresh shop builder and keep the tools and support 100% free. If you are a premium member, submit a ticket and we will send you the 10ss file and instructions.

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I'm selling shoutouts on my 26k Instagram page

What's up guys. I have a 26.5K Instagram account focused on geek, nerd, pop culture. and I'm thinking of selling shoutouts there. but it's hard to find a place where I can sell it. I heard that I could sell shoutouts on this forum, so I signed up. If there is an interested person please let me know. Cuddles

SQL Server – Moving the FileStream Data Drive to a New Location and Enabling EFS

Can MS FileStream experts help me in the following areas:

I have 5 DB applications with FileStream enabled.
Current size of ** C: for FileStream Blob, the data is 5TB **

All DBs have the drive format below:

Data Reader – A:

Log Drive – B:

FileStream Drive – C:

We are now activating the Encrypting file system, especially to disable the current FileStream player. C: and create a new RE: and point the FileStream data to D: by restoring a full backup.

Can I indicate a new RE: for FileStream WITH MOVE OPTION, will it work, as if we were changing it for .mdf and .ldf files? Please correct me with the exact process.

Please guide me on the steps below:

  1. STOP to SQL services
  2. Change C: name to RE:
  3. Create a new drive as C:
  4. Enable Encrypting File System (EFS) on Current New Versions C:
  5. Restore a full backup WITH MOVE OPTION for FileStream points to a new C:

Will the plan above work? Should I first activate the EFS system, then restore the database (or) First, restore the database, then activate the EFS system?

Please help me with the key questions below according to my thinking above:

  1. How to copy FileStream data from C: (Old) -> C: (New)
  2. Is the renaming of the existing drive after stopping SQL Services correct? How to rename a FileStream player from an existing name C:
  3. Can we back up only FileSream data? Not the structured data? Possible?
  4. How to validate the name change of C: and the data is accurate from the original C: before the name changes?

Also another way of thinking:

** Full Cloning ** C: ****

  1. STOP ALL DB services

  2. Switching from SQL Server to Manual

  3. Clone C:

  4. Replace the new name of the cloned drive letter with C:

  5. Start the database servers

Will this process work? Please advise.

Since we can copy the data file after stopping SQL services, can we copy the FileSream data to a new location after STOP database services?