rendering – How to use WorldToScreenPoint-function in a texture context?

I am writing a simulation environment for robotics and tasks I have are sometimes are quite peculiar. I am rendering a scene into a RenderTexture and I have a set of 3D points. I want these points to convert from 3D to texture coordinate frame. It worked, when I rendered into screen and used camera.WorldToScreen()-function. Now I have to render into texture. Is there any way to do the same as WorldToScreen()-function does for the render/2d texture?

seo – Optimize lastmod fields in sitemap index files for a large website that are expensive to compute

I am trying to create sitemaps for a very large multilingual website; means that every single URL is duplicated with as many languages there are; however the more pressing issue is that content is incredibly dynamic, the lastmod tag can be easily obtained.

The sitemap is composed as follows, each index contains and specifies every sitemap under it.


If I create each collection point based on creation, the point is added, and hence a lastmod tag cannot be added or otherwise known other than by fetching the resource via a HEAD request and reading the header.

If I create each collection point based on modification, the point is added if it was modified during the day, and as so there will be duplicates entries between points with different lastmod dates, any data that changes; since it’s impossible to modify already stored collection points as it will require intensive reads to modify data in older collection points.

Renewing my Passport

I am currently in the USA, locked down do to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am from the Philippines, my Passport will expire in August. Do I have to renew my Philippines Passport before I can travel back to the Philippines?

android studio – Firabase tras la publicación de la app

mientras estaba probando la aplicación las conexiones con firebase y todo funcionaba correctamente, pero tras publicar la app las conexiones no funcionan he mirado y he visto qeu es algo de la clave SHA y la he añadido a Firebase pero sigue sin funcionar, a ver si me podeis ayudar

8 – How do I add a class to a views row in a hook?

I am building a view on my website that lists all currently pending user registrations. (They need to be approved by administrators). I also have a taxonomy that lists ‘banned’ names. The view lists the users username, email, discord name and twitch handle. I am trying to build a feature that takes any of those fields, and compares them to the ‘banned’ names list, and if a match is found on any or all of the fields, it adds a special class to the views row.

I can’t find the appropriate hook to tie into that allows me to check these values, but also set a new style/class on the row if a match is found. I already have a function that takes the appropriate value and compares it to the taxonomy and returns a result, but I am not sure what hook to place this function in so that I can do if, for example:

MatchFound() goes through each provided value in the array, and if a match is found returns TRUE, or FALSE if not found at all.

$search = ('name','email','discord','twitch');

if (MatchFound($search)) {
  'return flagged style for row'

Is there anybody that could help me?

How to turn this recurrence formula into a convergent series?

D2n=(2-2(1-(Dn)^2 / 4)^1/2)^1/2

Pi=lim n° 2n*D2n

Is there any direct way to turn this into a series, one of the series that converges to pi.

Without any geometrical or coordinate considerations.

software schedules – Kubernetes Cron Job is expensive?

I have to implement a feature in an existing application, which requires calling an API every minute. My app’s microservices runs in Kubernetes environment.

To achieve this, my first thought is Kubernetes cron job. But thinking little deep it occurred to me that a Kubernetes cron job, every minute will pull an image from a container registry, spin up that image, check for many validation if job has failed and it requires re-run etc etc…just to call one API.

Is it an over-kill?

Is there a way in Kubernetes to run a scheduler (like Google Cloud Scheduler) which simply calls an API (which is configurable)?

Thanks in advance!!!

javascript – Muda a função nativa do console.log

Poder podes… mas desaconselho. Outras pessoas que estejam a usar o teu código vão ter sérios problemas em encontrar onde esse método foi sobre-escrito.

Tendo dito isso, podes por exemplo adicionar >>> a todos os logs assim:

globalThis.console = {
  log: console.log.bind(null, '>>>>')

Podes manter uma referência à antiga também:

globalThis.consolaAntiga = console;
globalThis.console = {
  log(...args) {
    globalThis.consolaAntiga.log(':::', ...args);
globalThis.consolaAntiga.log('Teste 2');

Esse código funciona no Browser e no Node.js