automation – Manually add dimensions (for select tool) in a photoshop script

I have a question, can you manually add the dimensions you want to perform an action on in a script?
So of course to work on all 4 edges I can choose 4 different selects, but what I want to do is just enter the data (similar to what you would do with (for example) image size.

To the following

Set Selection

To: rectangle
Top: 11 pixels
Left 5 pixels
Bottom 679 pixels
Right 499 pixels

Then select the inverse (I have a 510 x 690 image, perhaps there is a way to do an offset with the inverse even, I don’t know)

If it was just once I had to do this, it is no problems I would then just select those pixels manually when I was recording and live with it, but I am more interested for my own education where this is possible or you need to drag the select tool, because with an image my size it is not such an issue, but with an image of say 5000 x 6000 it is just a little frustrating

Any help is much appreciated..

Also one other thing, in a script can I chose to ‘brush’ certain pixels by their address?
When I do the “record” tool, it just records as I press, but I am looking to manually add these also, but again it is just for my own education I would like to know this

Thanks very much in advance