Avoid curbs when printing on Canon Pro-10 with matte ink

The Canon Pro 10 uses two types of black ink: the PGI-72PBK for glossy paper and the PGI-72MBK for matte paper types.

Unfortunately, the driver uses matte ink only if fine art paper is selected – but you should also use the fine size settings that require the printer to use a 30mm border.

I spent quite a bit of time searching the web if there was a workaround that would print with matte ink and avoid curbs.

The only solution I found was to use an additional black photo cartridge filled with matte ink that is swapped with the original black ink photo when printing on the matte paper.

Is this really the only way to persuade the printer to use the entire paper surface when printing with matte ink, or is there another solution that does not require ink swapping?

Thanks in advance!