aws – Recommendations on the best practices of solution architecture diagrams?

In the context of cloud web services development, what is the difference between a solution architecture diagram and an application architecture diagram?

For example, suppose we need to develop a connected vehicle solution, where vehicles register and authenticate to a cloud-based service, transmit data to that service where that data is processed and stored. sustainable way. Vehicle owners can view their car and trip data (using a webpage or mobile app) and receive the appropriate alerts.

Can we consider the architecture diagram presented in AWS Solutions ( as a solution architecture diagram? If not, how would you call such a diagram and what is missing to make it a solution architecture diagram?

Then I look for best practices in solution architecture development and solution architecture diagrams. What questions does a solution architecture diagram attempt to answer? What information should be included and excluded from a solution architecture diagram and accompanying text? Examples of good solution architecture diagrams would be nice.