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Date of online publication: 2019-1-10

Investment plans: 104% – 145% AFTER 1 DAY, 125% – 350% AFTER 5 DAYS, 150% – 530% AFTER 7 DAYS, 250% – 1100% AFTER 15 DAYS, 700% – 2000% AFTER 30 DAYS, 1200% – 3000% AFTER 50 DAYS, VIP GOLD: 1000% AFTER 11 DAYS, VIP PLATINUM: 2100% AFTER 21 DAYS, VIP DIAMOND: 5000% AFTER 3 DAYS

Min Spend: $ 10

Commission of Reference: 5%

Type of withdrawal moment

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DDoS protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet payment: Payeer PM BTC

About us :

Azura is a financial services company specializing in providing cost effective investment solutions. The vigorous activity in this area has enabled the Company to form an effective team of experts and gain a great deal of practical experience for a short time. Investments in the Forex market can generate profits that are several times greater than the profitability of bank deposits and unlimited opportunities to generate profits. We strongly believe in the outlook for foreign exchange trading, as the foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world, in volume, and therefore has the highest liquidity. Our experts are able to analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions on the basis of developments in the field of currency exchange by applying new approaches and trading techniques. The attraction of investments online is the best way to grow our business faster. Our investment platform offers our clients profitable investment opportunities to earn money online.


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