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Now that I'm retired, I'm doing the whole game of SEO again. I had 7 stores that returned about 1 to 3 cents a month before letting them die by not touching them for eighteen months. Now, I am active again and have experimented and decided to document what I discovered with regard to tools and methods.

First of all, I immediately changed to a new instant store. This made sense because it was difficult to fight the big sites and it seemed pretty good because the stores appear on subdomains. Until now, I am about 10% better on search parameters in Google search. I just transferred my stores and I have run the old top-level domains to the sub-domain of the fresh store builder. So, using a subdomain of not only does not hurt, it actually improves your search statistics.

Most of the content is spun plr and the images come from pixabay.

Now, I started to hit social media. I started with tumblr because there are many older tumblr sites available. Currently, I have about 80 that I develop. Many have existing backlinks. I put the link to my store in the description of the blog. I bought a tool called tumblr jazz to manage. I put some articles from article creator to start, then I automatically add publications, preferences and follow ups. Until now, after a few months, I have not lost a site. I keep track of the region to which each site is linked and use hide my ass to get to that place before updating the blog. I update one block at a time and until now, no loss. The nice thing about tumblr is that you can quickly create a site containing articles and images and then use the content as a basis for other social media. It takes
I'm using animoto to make videos, I just did an experiment and I found that even with good SEO you will not be ranked in youtube unless you use links and shares. The gsa content generator will launch 500 links on anything in about an hour. will publish your video on youtube, then add social shares. The Blaster suite offers interesting video tools for analysis, duplication and scratching. All tools can be purchased with discounts or holiday coupons. Using the tools above, a video rated at 200 has been increased from 1 to 3 for several keywords.

Avoid losing sites when you update them, etc. I'm using a tool called Ghost Browser with Hide Me Ass. It's a multi-session browser that keeps cookies for every session. Both of these tools are valuable for manual editing of blogs. It works for Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Keep good location records to avoid any bans.

Once my tumblr blogs are updated with about 15 to 20 articles each, I plan to touch pinterest with the tumblr content. It seems like you need about 50 pins on a board before you start having followers.

Gsaser and fcs networker are two other tools for quickly creating links. gsaser builds all kinds of links and you can buy a $ 5 data pack that will give you thousands of links to a store. fcs networker builds high-quality social and 2.0 websites and is a classic web-based configuration. I find that for level 1, if you use about three to four article designer articles with pictures and videos, the blogs remain. Basically, I'm not crazy about this type of insurance and I usually go straight to the store. No manual webspam has been reported in the Google Search Console.

You can buy accounts of all types for a reasonable price. Gmail accounts allow you to get a blogger and youtube. You can then create a Facebook account and then use it easily to quickly get to other social sharing sites.

I use Spin rewriter to shoot with a big content store. The index of articles is good in google.

I only pay monthly for instant tools and store keywords, the rest of the lifetime purchases I've got at reasonable prices.

To get started, get a spinner and a little bit of content for the content. GSA ser is the major tool to start creating backlinks, and of course new instant shops!