backlinks – What’s After ranking with low difficulty keyword?

I heard and experience that, new blogs can not rank on high difficulty keyword, in the name of “Untrust”, gooogle keeps the new website on hold, which are defined as – Google Dancing or Google Sandbox, so the remedy to get over this for the new blogs is that they should go for low difficulty keyword.

Well, I am targeting new website, which has visibly no backlink, writing about low difficulty keyword, and my website ranks for the low difficulty keyword.

  1. What’s next, can it next target high difficulty keyword?
  2. What’s the difference between new blog – targeting directly high diff keyword without any previous rank on any keyword, and targeting high diff keyword with ranking in low diff keyword – – – does ranking in low diff keyword help anyhow targeting high diff keyword, if so, how ?

Please reply, I want someone having enough experience to reply this.