backup – I can not restore my WhatsApp discussions when switching to a new phone

I switched to a new phone. I've copied Whatsapp – Databasse and media files on the laptop. The database file has the correct name suggested by whatsapp faq-msgstore.db.crypt and corresponds to version 12 only. But when I install WhatsApp, it does not take this local backup and asks to check google drive. I do not have a backu on google drive.
Later, I tried a new idea. I have disconnected Internet after checking the mobile number. Yes, he asked me -> Backup found – Restore> I started the restore, but my discussions have still not been saved, the restore processing has no no more taken on the internet after typing restore. What's the problem? please help. I have some really important stuff. You are all passionate about technology here. I hope you can help me solve this minor problem. I have a local backup, I have a laptop, I have an application. What else is needed?