[BanditIM] Official text of the Captcha service

The time has come everyone! Our text capture service accomplishes what the old AskMeBot did: solve text capchas. We have found the need for a much better system. So we created our own service! Our system can solve almost any mathematical text question:
"What is 5 + 5/2 * 3"
"5 – 2 + 1/17 =?"
"1234 * 543/11 equal what?"
… etc.
As well as many other random textual questions, here are some examples:
"What color is the sky?"
"How many fingers do humans have?"
"How tall is Lebron James?"
… etc.
We probably can not test all possible scenarios with the other "random questions", but we have achieved excellent results so far with our tests. Unfortunately, we obviously can not resolve questions about the site such as: "What is the name of our site?", "What words are there in our logo?", Etc.
The cost will be $ 8 / month for 1 license (which runs on 1 IP), and the price will drop significantly with the number of licenses you will buy. Plus, the first version will not have a dashboard system to let you check that our system actually works (like AskMeBot – they just leave you in the dark unfortunately), but the next version will have an array full board that will allow you to: see what GSA questions has been sent to our server and what response we have given in return.
For now, check out these breathtaking reviews of our beta testers as proof of the success of our system:
You can sign up for http://bit.ly/BanditIMTextCaptcha, or if you have already registered for admin.banditim.com, you can simply login to http://bit.ly/BanditIMTextCaptcha. Once connected, you will see the price structure. Enter the total number of licenses you need in the box above the Subscribe button and press the button. You can automatically switch your license to another IP address / computer after leaving it idle for 5 minutes (no need to contact us to change it manually).
Each time you need to upgrade / downgrade licenses, our system will prorate the price of your subscription. This means that it will cancel your current subscription with us, refund your credits for unused days remaining on this previously paid subscription, and then create your new subscription. Refer to the FAQ page of your dashboard for more information.
After purchase, your API key will be displayed in your dashboard on the right side. To use the API key, go to GSA SER:
Options> Captcha – at the bottom you will see a section for BanditIM.
Note: Our service does not look like DeathByCaptcha or other captcha services. We solve text captchas, not image captchas.
You can register for free and check the FAQ page for most questions. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment here, PM me, or personally email me at support@banditim.com with questions / comments / feedback.
Thank you!
Neil Emeigh
Owner BanditIM