Because with the unary operator (*), it does not print what is inside (as the theory says), but without the yes?


#define DIM 10
char * copy (chars[])
void strcpy1 (char v[], w tank[])
int main ()
tanks[DIM]= "hello";
char * v;

v = copy (s);
printf ("% s  n", v);
free (v);

system ("PAUSE");
returns 0;

char * copy (chars[DIM])
char * q;
q = malloc (DIM);
strcpy1 (q, s);
printf ("q:% s  n", q);
returns q;

void strcpy1 (char v[DIM], w tank[DIM])
int i;
for (i = 0; i <DIM; i ++)
v[i]= w[i];