Become an EMEM 5 Year old website established for sale.

This is a basic content site built on a free theme and with 16 original articles and some common creative images. The domain is more than 5 years old, the site has been online for 4.5 years. The site provides information to people considering a career as an EMT.

As rescuers are a stable profession, the demand for EMT training shows no signs of dropping out. According to Google trend data, the following search terms are at the "distribution" level:
"emt classes near me"
"emt basic training near me"
"emt school near me"
"emt training near me"


Ideally, this site should be updated by providing a summary of EMT courses and training available in different parts of the United States. It could then be monetized by offering advertisements to these training providers.


For now, this is a passive website. I have hardly touched it outside of the plugins update in the last 2 years. Adding fresh content would be a great way to bring it to life.

Seller's Notes:

I bought it but honestly, I have a lot of way for many lol websites. I'm just trying to clear some mental clutter at the moment, so I'd like to unload this site for a reasonable offer. If that does not sell, I imagine that I will remove my finger and add fresh content in the coming months! Happy to answer your questions.

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