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We have our sites on with a cloud-managed VPS plan (Cloud-3) (with 200GB of SSD storage).

Even though we have little traffic because the sites are still in development, my developer told me we were running out of storage space. I do not think our sites still use 15GB of storage. I contacted KnwnHost technical support and they said backups took up a lot of space and we already used 73% of the available space because of that. I do not know very well the space / server management, so I asked my developer to see if he could improve the backup situation and free up space.

KnownHost support asked me to look for an offsite backup solution.

I live with the CrashPlan representative and they said they only supported Linux (RedHat and Ubuntu versions, not CentOS, etc.).
Frankly, I do not know which operating system KnownHost uses on my Cloud-3 plan (I can not understand)

Whatever it is, I need help … please suggest an off-site backup solution, namely:

– cheap / affordable
– reliable
– secured
– continuously backup everything on our server (data / files / account, etc.)
– and it's extremely easy to use for people like me who are not pros in this area.

Thank you so much.