Best Rapid Scalable Ecommerce Platform

We are currently on the CS-Cart platform with 10,000 unique visitors per day and we expect this number to reach 100,000 / day and more in the coming months. We only have about 600 products in our catalog. Due to the lack of developers for cs-cart, we would like to move to another platform with a larger number of developers and an ability that will serve us for at least the next 5 to 7 years so that we can invest money in. the good development of the code and the infrastructure.

The things we are looking at in our next platform are:

– Fast and light.
– Adapt quickly and serve tons of customers without getting bogged down with the support of some high-end caching systems (we are ready to invest money in a good hosting) .
– Availability of extensions / addons for future growth and automation at the enterprise level and inventory controls.
– Excellent product options, attributes and features combination options (cs-cart is excellent in this regard).
– Easy availability of developers (we are actually looking for someone to join our team).
– Very secure or something that can be secured with some best practices.
We are torn between Drupal Commerce, Woocommerce and Prestashop. Can any one recommend the best of these 3 that will tick all the boxes above?