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I work on a summary table.
The data can be huge (5000 records or more to display).
The user should be able to:

1. scan and manipulate the data
2. Find the records
3. Perform actions such as, View details (read-only mode), Add new record, Delete record, Edit record. At a later stage, we will add exports (CSV, EXCEL) and impressions.

The current UX design given to the following solution for the summary table, mosaic mode, and list mode. Which, in my opinion, is not usable and does not meet the needs of the user or may require some extra steps to perform the actions associated with the recordings.

Here is the solution proposed by the UX team with Tile View:
enter the description of the image here

Here is the solution by the UX team with list view:
enter the description of the image here

And here is my solution:

In the next version, we will provide export in CSV, Excel and download.
Apart from this, the Edit button, which is now next to the Delete button, will reside in an individual row.

The Add button will follow CTA as "Add" to "Add New Record"

Please give your thoughts / suggestions on the three options

My solution:

enter the description of the image here