Best WordPress Theme Website?

JUST to illustrate this point, let's take a look at some of the offers related to @shophia in their Engrish wet treat message … When the site, these themes are ON, it's an inaccessible broken train wreck that explains how NOT to build a website with absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts that send non-96 dpi users dive for zoom, loading takes well over a minute thanks to INSANE batshit 12 megabytes in 125 separate files, are the actual links to the models in illegible color contrasts, fonts fatted in sizes too small to be made clear, and usually stinks up and down of "WCAG, what is C & D? # 39; "?!? Are we REALLY supposed to think that the models they offer are worth something? Hell, FREE is overloading for those!

Even setting aside ridiculous file sizes, the number of files alone means a total negotiation time at the first world load, regardless of the connection speed, ranging from 24 seconds MINIMUM to two minutes or more!

You dive into themes like Activello, Dazzling, Travilify – they all repeat this same half incompetent ignorance DUMBASS {lack of polite insults for stupid and too lazy to get thesaurus out} Nonsense are posters for all that is wrong with web development today.

In this oh so special:

Code (markup):

"If you do not know what's wrong with that, then you probably have ZERO huffing business making websites!" kind of way … and when I say special, I mean in the same way that some Olympics are special. The site itself is a bit better because it puts at least the content in the foreground, but remains REEKS of "Accessibility, what does it mean" and a total / complete ignorance of the design of the site. UX or UI. The templates proposed are universally as big as a fumbling clutter of inept BS created by people who have no business damn make websites!

See these breathtaking gems as presentation images in markup, endless useless classes for nothing, broken / incomplete forms and a general ignorance of how to even use HTML in the first place common to all the blasted themes that I'm opening here.

… yet another amazing example of the website hosting themes so ignorant of accessibility standards and how to properly use HTML that we are supposed to think that everything they offer is worth "for free"? As in the case of the other two sites, "free" is in this case too expensive, thanks to bullshit artistic mad and inept developers of the very first order!

EVERY UNIQUE SUGAR TEMPLATE on the three sites foaming-flushing-repeating the same ignorant mistakes. 90% of which I have very well exposed here:

If this is in this article, stupid idiots DUMB ASSUISING to use turdpress probably do it and ignorant foolish dupes who use it end up with problems.

… and saddled is indeed the appropriate term since it starts with the appearance BEFORE the content of the mark is marked semantically, it is a regularity, put the cart before the horse and indicate that the owner of the site has slaps his saddle on his horse. back to take them for a ride.

That's why I consider that all the companies that promote and exchange standard CMS templates and available templates are sneaky or ignorant scammers – NONE of them know enough about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, emissive colored spaces or design accessibility but two things; and Jack left the city.

Each time, one of these sleazeball scams was slapped by a giant middle finger that makes usability and accessibility easier to code and develop.