between Apache and NGINX, which is the easiest to configure?

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I'd like to use a web server in the future and find out which one is the easiest to configure.

The answer relates to the experiences and knowledge of the end users. So it is best to try both and see which one is the easiest to understand first. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to create a VPS billed every hour from VPS providers of digitalocean, vultr, linode or upcloud and to play / test and learn as you go.

Most people would still find Apache easier simply because a larger number of web applications are developed with Apache in mind and use .htaccess for Apache modrewrites. Nginx does not support .htaccess and Apache style styles. So you need to convert these rules so that these web applications / scripts work with Nginx and PHP-FPM. But a good amount of quality google searches can help to understand this because there is a growing library of online knowledge for Nginx and the Nginx compatible converged rules for web applications.

For my part, I prefer Nginx, because I develop since 7 years my own LEMP stack, designed for scalability and performance = LEMP Centmin Mod stack and it's my choice when I configure new VPS / servers. dedicated and sites via native integrated automation. in creating sites, etc.