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name of the site: Forum BF5 – Battlefield Forum 5
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Type: Forum
Website information: is the world's first and only Battlefield 5 forum. It also exists since 2015. I bought it from the same owner of, and the recent

Originally launched in 2015 under the name, I acquired the domain, I converted it from MyBB to xenForo, then transferred to, and then I went to discovered in 2016 that the final name of Battlefield 2016 is Battlefield 1, decided the same day. I moved it to (also reserved the other like-minded domains), once this phase ended in 2017 – I moved it to DestroyRepeat.

May 18, 2018 – I restarted the site, then, right out of the portal, I had my first user. Right out of the door.

Next Wednesday is going to be very interesting