bind – The `zones.rfc1918` file for Bind9 and other 'best practices' for the Ubuntu 18.04 era?

I'm installing Bind9 on Ubuntu 18.04 and finding this SF article on Ubuntu 10.04: What is the interest of the zones.rfc1918 file for Bind9 ?, with a comment citing a Penn State documentation in 1996.

The question is still open after 8 years and has only one popular answer: including zones.rfc1918The information is "generally considered a good practice".

There are many other research results, but do not address the "good practices" of 18.04. Being in the Web 2.0 and approaching the Google https world, I think it's important to indicate if the elements related to arpa are affected or not.

Should I still "include" zones.rfc1918 in my named.conf.local file for Ubuntu 18.04 (maybe other contemporaries of Linux), y / n, etc.? And are there any other Bind9 settings similar to this one that may have changed since this post and that it is recommended for me to change the default installation settings of bind9, y / n what?