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We offer you the platform you need to invest in your future
We spend the necessary time and conduct extensive research to ensure our members have sustainable and safe plans and programs.

Bit Fortune Global is a high-end cryptocurrency trading and extraction platform dedicated to the most outstanding experiences. With more than ten years of experience in the financial and advisory sectors, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and are ready to offer professional assistance to individuals to determine the right option for their financial investments. .

Our expertise covers the areas of financial management and planning, as well as wealth and investment management, where we have demonstrated our ability to take an innovative approach to achieve the best possible results for our investor clientele. .

We bring our history of innovation and experience in the financial sector to Bit Fortune to create a whole new model for how our users interact with cryptocurrency. After years of research, we have created this platform to provide profitable opportunities with an asset-based mode of operation.

We view our platform as a partnership. We are not just there to make it easier to operate and trade crypto-currencies. We are here to give our network of attendees powerful support features, personalized customer support and a personal and meaningful financial plan that meets everyone's needs.

We work with each individual client and participant to determine your financial success and help you clearly define your financial goals. We create a plan accordingly to help you find success on our platform.

We combine our personal commitment with you and our history of financial management and wealth management to create a truly unique opportunity driven by profitability and low risk.

0.35 per hour for 100 days (capital included)

Minimum deposit: 0.002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 0.5 BTC

0.35 per hour for 100 days (capital included)
Minimum deposit: 0.502
Maximum deposit: $ 5000

0.35 per hour for 100 days (capital included)
Minimum Deposit: 1.02 BTC
Maximum deposit: No Limit