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about us

Bitmania is a team of professionals including experts from the world of finance, investment and IT. A once small business organization has been transformed into a major platform. We raise capital to invest in promising and renowned companies and to promote the rapid development of digital technologies. At the same time, Bitmania offers high incomes to all cryptocurrency holders.

Our professionals perform a detailed analysis of the needs of the modern market and each project that interests us. We are responsible for every action. So you can be 100% sure of the security and profitability of your capital when you invest with us. We intervene in 4 zones at a time to totally neutralize the possible risks and to secure the stable operation of the company.


Dynamic rate of return on deposits in various currencies (current rates are still on the main page).

Get automatic payments every day forever!


1.48% per cent today

Monthly – 35.97%

6 monthly – 219.14%

Annual – 438.28%


1.50% per cent today

Monthly – 36.40%

6 monthly – 221.75%

Annual – 443.50%


1.52% percent today

Monthly – 36.83%

6 months – 224.36%

Annual – 448.72%


1.54% percent today

Monthly – 37.26%

6 months – 226.97%

Annual – 453.94%

An investor who makes a contribution corresponding to a relevant percentage today will receive a daily profit in accordance with his plan. Interest is calculated for life and will be automatically paid on his billing account.

Every day, the company has a new rate of return on deposits from 1% per day and more. On the weekends, there is only a percentage of the profits 0.5% for all investments.

Minimum investment

Bitcoin: 0.01 BTC; Ethereum: 0.2 ETH; Litecoin: 1 LTC; Ripple: 50 XRP

Minimum withdrawal

Bitcoins: 0.0004 BTC; Ethereum: 0.01 ETH; Litecoin: 0.05 LTC; Ripple: 5 XRP

Reference Program –

STANDARD 12% – 3% – 1%

Upgrade your PARTNER status and get 20% – 3% – 1%

You must have invested at least $ 500

payments: automatically

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

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