bitcoin core – Bitcoind on Tor does not receive any incoming connections

I want to use tor for my bitcoind node.

Until now, my node was public, had more than 8 connections (= some incoming connections?) And checked if port 8333 was accessible for the outside.

For the tor, I have this config:


ControlPort 9051
Cookie Authentication 1
CookieAuthFileGroupReadable 1


# Bitcoind options                                                                                                                                     [6/2383]
server = 1
demon = 1
txindex = 1


dbcache = 100
maxorphantx = 10
maxmempool = 50
maxconnections = 40
maxuploadtarget = 5000

# Tor config
proxy = 9050
bind =
listenonion = 1

In the bitcoind debug log, everything seems to be going for the better (Tor starts and the service ID is displayed), bitcoin-cli getnetworkinfo also shows that everything works and that the node quickly wins peers.

Nevertheless, it stops when it receives 8 peers (outgoing connections) and is no longer recognizable from the outside (port 8333).

I want to have a node, which uses tor and which is recognizable from the outside (incoming connections). Currently, apparently, only the first hypothesis is true.
I wonder if I forgot something.

I've also tried both methods described in the wiki