bitcoin core – Bulk import of bitcoind private keys into different portfolios and update with new analysis

I was wondering if anyone already had these ideas or these problems:

I generate Bitcoin addresses and private keys with a script – not to depend on the Bitcoin daemon. I manage them in a database. By generating bitcoin addresses, I generate an address and also select a portfolio name according to certain criteria.


After a while, I want to import the private keys in the given portfolios ("PORTFOLIO NAME") (in the portfolios defined in the database before ..)

I do this import with importprivkey without further analysis. I was wondering if it was possible to import the private keys into the portfolios and carry out a new analysis and update all the portfolios with it to avoid each portfolio taking an additional analysis every hour and a half.

Is it possible to import private keys rescan = false and then run bitcoind with all portfolios loaded and perform the rescan that should affect all portfolios and update them in one only?

Has anyone ever thought about this and has there been a solution to this?

Best regards