bitcoin core – In realistic and practical terms, how exactly should we solve the mega problem of sky-high and slow transaction fees?

I just paid $20 in transaction fee to move 0.1 BTC from one wallet.dat to another on my very same Bitcoin Core installation.

It hurts every time. I feel like I’ve wasted a damn fortune over the years in just transaction fees.

I’ve just recently come to the horrible realization that nobody is going to use my service with these large (and slow) transactions, and especially now that few are willing to part from any of their satoshis to actually buy stuff and services with their digital gold.

I’ve tried to get Lightning set up, but it’s incomprehensible to me. I neither understand how to send it nor how to accept it in my (custom) payment system which already supports Bitcoin.

I just can’t seem to find the energy to research and implement Lightning. It’s as if I have already wasted all of my “energy container”, so to speak.

It doesn’t help to hear about these various “sidechains” being worked on. I need something concrete which is actually supported and trusted — not vague promises of future improvements.

Could somebody offer some kind of promising development such as a new feature in Bitcoin itself (thus supported by Bitcoin Core and the other big wallets/clients) which obsoletes all these “side-projects” and somehow enables rapid and near-free micro transactions without involving weird “solutions”?

Or is this fundamentally impossible using Bitcoin? It has to be both this slow and expensive? Because if so, and if they keep making all these stupid “altcoins” which nobody is ever going to use when there’s almost as many of them as human beings on this planet, we’re never going to get anywhere.

I don’t care if somecoin has instant payments and zero fees, if nobody uses and supports it, and it’s being run by some sketchy scammer as a centralized project. I truly don’t understand what they are waiting for, the ones with all the technical skills to make this happen. Why was this not part of Bitcoin from the start?

Don’t they realize that being able to send literally 1 satoshi to somebody for free and instantly would change everything? I fear every single time I have to pay using Bitcoin, because it feels like half my stash is gone instantly due to the damn fees.