Bitcoin Core – I've extracted in early 2010 with a minor from the PU and I just found my keys after forgetting all those years, let's not joke

So a few things
What was the developer's mining program at the time? I remember a pop-up much like a DOS window that displays the key and says something like writing this: we will not give it back to you anymore …
I also remember a grief measurement program that could be used to recover something if you entered your string of characters.

I have no crypto since I mined a few blocks and I have my keys, must I first download and pour the wallet?
Remember that I did it a long time ago and I was hoping to locate the mining program for a long time to read the readme file and refresh my memory.
In addition, at the time, you can contact a developer to help you,
thank you in advance for helping an old man trying to pay some bills.