Bitcoin is no different from current currency systems, except that it could be better


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Known in mainstream media as a young "Billionaire Bitcoin", within the crypto and blockchain industry, Jeremy Gardner is best known for what he does for that. he does.

As an entrepreneur, educator and serial investor in the blockchain, Gardner founded the global nonprofit education Blockchain Education Network and co-founded the Augur Prediction Platform, based on the blockchain. More recently, he launched his own impact investment fund called Ausum Ventures.

Break the mass adoption
Olivia Capozzalo: Can you explain to me what the massive adoption is – not on the side of technology or construction, but on the side of ordinary people? What does it look like? What does it mean?

Jeremy Gardner: So at the round table, my idea was that mass adoption had nothing to do with education. Mass adoption is about building products that people want. Mass adoption does not happen otherwise.

You do not suddenly sensitize the virtues of decentralization and libertarian values ​​to hundreds of millions or even billions of people, and you expect this to encourage them to want to use Bitcoin or to use applications based on blocks.

No. You will create tools that people want in their lives and that they do not have today.

The reason why Bitcoin was originally adopted – the reason why Bitcoin and Blockchain technology exists today – is that it exists mainly for one reason and one. People do not like to say that, but it's because of the dark markets.

If there was no Silk Road, there was no reason for people to actually buy and use Bitcoin to buy drugs online, I'm not not sure it would exist today. I think otherwise, it's just a libertarian experience, cypherpunk thinking.

It was only when the citizens of the developed world had the real goal of acquiring these trading tokens that Bitcoin achieved significant value – once people understood that Bitcoin allowed people to do something that they could not do it before.

There are other examples in Cyprus, Venezuela and Zimbabwe – countries that have experienced really horrendous hyperinflation – countries such as India with demonetization, China with capital control, South Korea with capital control.

Use cases have appeared, but in the beginning, you know, the case of using Bitcoin was buying drugs on the internet, and that was great. But this does not really have to do with the underlying ideological ethics to which its early adherents were attracted.

And that will be true with all blockchain technology. We will simply create tools that people want to be adopted. No ideology, no education about the virtues.

We could try to act as missionaries and spread the word as a religion, but that's not the best way to do things. As long as we build the technology that people want, they will come and embrace it.

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