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About the project

Bitcoin Squared is the world's first bitcoin bank.

Bitcoin Squared is a multifunctional financial platform where users open deposits in dollars and cryptocurrency, take out loans guaranteed by Bitcoin, bet on the bitcoin exchange rate, find the most profitable offers for the purchase and the sale of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Squared also broadcasts its own BTC / USD price index, calculated on the basis of the trading activity observed on the major stock exchanges of the world.

Bitcoin Squared LTD was registered on July 10, 2017. The domain registered on March 22, 2017. On April 10, 2019, Bitcoin Squared officially introduced the site.

Functionality of the project

1. Open Deposit

Bitcoin Squared accepts investments in fixed amounts for different periods of 10 to 30 days. Six investment plans can only be opened in USD, three more in cryptocurrency. All plans differ in amount, interest and currency. Cryptocurrency deposits have a higher interest rate.

All investment plans have a deposit included in the payments.

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<strong><span style=red mini
Amount of the deposit – 25 USD
112% in 10 days
Accumulation: 2.8 USD per day

red base
Amount of down payment – 50 USD
114% in 12 days
Accumulation: USD 4.75 per day

red max
Amount of down payment – 100 USD
120% in 16 days
Accumulation: USD 7.5 per day

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<strong><span style=mini orange
Amount of down payment – 200 USD
150% for 20 days
Accumulation: USD 15 per day

basic orange
Amount of down payment – 400 USD
162% in 24 days
Accumulation: USD 27 per day

max orange
Amount of down payment – 600 USD
175% in 28 days
Accumulation: 37.5 USD per day

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<strong><span style=crypto mini
Amount of the deposit – 0.01 BTC
116% in 10 days
Accumulation: 0.00116 BTC per day

basic crypto
Amount of down payment – 0.1 BTC
164% in 20 days
Accumulation: 0.0082 BTC per day

crypto max
Amount of down payment – 1 BTC
201% in 30 days
Accumulation: 0.067 BTC per day

Convenient investor calculator

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<strong><span>2. Take a secured bitcoin credit</span></strong>
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Bitcoin Squared has issued urgent micro-loans secured by your bitcoins. 100% of requests are approved within 24 hours. Loans are issued in US dollars for an amount ranging from $ 25 to $ 5,000 for a period of 5 days to 1 year. If Bitcoin prices drop by 30% – the loan is automatically repaid and the collateral is transferred to our property. Interest rate: 3.2% per day. The entire credit process is automated.

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How much can I get a loan?

Minimum: 25 USD, maximum: 5000 USD.

How to return a loan?To repay the loan, you only need to have the necessary amount on the Bitcoin Squared balance. The system will automatically repay the outstanding balance of your balance on the day of repayment.

3. Make a bet on the bitcoin rate

Bitcoin Squared accept daily bets on the bitcoin tariff. Win against three of the rates closest to the actual price of the BTC / USD at the time of the check. Rates begin to be accepted 48 hours prior to check-in time. In 12 hours before the hour control of a rate is no longer accepted. To determine the exact price, we use a Bitcoin Squared Index (the average price in the main stock exchanges).

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How to leave your forecasts?

Go to the "Make a bitcoin rate" to be an authorized user. Enter the expected price and click on "Make a bet". Follow the news and this page. Perhaps you will win by making an accurate forecast!

How much can I earn with the right prediction?

First win: 100 USD, second place: 50 USD, third place: 10 USD.

Participation in the forecasts is free?
No, the cost of a bet is $ 5, only registered users with deposits currently open can participate.

4. Buy bitcoins

Bitcoin Squared presents the most profitable offers for selling bitcoins on the Internet. You can buy bitcoins using any payment system and currency, including cash, from anywhere in the world. Here are the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-effective ways to buy bitcoins.

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<strong><span>5. Sell bitcoins</span></strong>
<strong>Bitcoin Squared</strong> presents the most advantageous offers to sell bitcoins on the Internet. You can sell bitcoins using any payment system and currency, including cash. From anywhere in the world. Here are the fastest, most convenient and most profitable ways to sell bitcoins.
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